Prophet Mario Maxwell (Prophetic Word)

Word for the Reformation Center

Given by Prophet Mario Maxwell

April 16, 2011 7pm

1. What I sense in this church is spontaneous, prophetic worship every week. That’s the dimension we are going to. The atmosphere God wants us is where we have the creativity and ability to release. Because every minstrel and psalmist has an ability to produce breakthrough for that house that another person’s music don’t have. Study the book of Psalms, something will happen on the inside of you as a worshipper and you will begin to sing things. I’m not saying go prophetically crazy, but there’s such a creativity that you can create words.

2. The next level of breakthrough for this ministry is Prophetic Evangelism. Release the Holy Spirit out of you to win people. ...trains, buses, buildings…divine appointments… bumping into people. You won’t have to force yourself. People will begin to sow into this house due to prophetic release in Jesus. True Reformation is about to take place. He wants us to go after the homeless, prostitute…clean them up…that’s true reformation. Not those in tradition who come out and come here…Go out and get gang bangers and make prophets and pastors out of them. Get their strategies on territorial warfare. They know how to move through the territory even if it doesn’t belong to them. These are the types of folks God wants to invade this house with, along with congressmen, the people sitting in the state capital. These are the people God wants to send here for total reformation. Every house has a sound. When they hear that sound, this thing will explode. There will be a sound that will go forth and it will be a sound of a mighty rushing wind of reformation.

3. You will be known for teaching prophetic administration of music. People will come from miles away for the worship they may not care about the teaching. But then you will hit them with the teaching and preaching. And you’re going to see something take place.

God’s going to raise up strong minstrels in this church, strong worship leaders. I see CD’s. Create a habitation where you sing your own music…Reformation style… Another administration of the prophetic is through the anointing of music..


Secrets of Men Will Be Revealed

Written by Chris Johnson

You will begin to hear the secrets of men exposed. A pulling off of the veil will be released. Men and women will have their hidden secrets revealed openly says the Lord. Men and Women that have carried secrets for years will suddenly uncover and reveal itself.

People in the Kingdom of God will suddenly be exposed. Even those who have tried to cover their tracks. Men of Renown, even powerful men in the kingdom of God will be uncovered. There will be accusations that originally were presented against some that will find truth in the door of light of the Lord.

Some that walk in power, even the supernatural will suddenly have their rods removed from them. Some will be found caught in acts of unnatural unions. For now is the time the Lord will make room for my new champions. Those that have clean hands and pure hearts.

Unknowns that have not the approval of men, but my approval will arise. Many that are not known in the public eye will suddenly show themselves.

Many in the public eye of the World and the Kingdom of God will be exposed. Light will be shining in the darkness of Men's private agendas.


Strange Fire Prophecy

Written by Chris Johnson

The Spirit of the Lord began to show me in a dream previous ministers and leaders that I was associated with years ago. When I awoke I asked what about these leaders. The spirit of God began to tell me how many of his servants, particularly in the body of Christ have begun to tickle the ears of his people with often times with the kings delicacies. Many of the faces I saw were symbolic of leaders and those who even minister the prophetic word of the Lord.

The Spirit of the Lord began to tell me that the true prophetic council of heaven does not always bring and say good or positive things. It just reveals the accurate truth of what heaven is saying and doing in particular seasons or times. So many times that may be not always good but negative as well. The Spirit of the Lord began to show me once again the rods and the popularity of certain men and women serving him begin to dwindle. Many were those who began to only speak only the goodness and not the bittersweet as well.

The spirit showed me the bittersweet was also many times the revealing of negative and even disastrous occurrences regarding various things in the earth. I then saw a lots and lots of angels begin to go and surround the ones that he has chosen to speak in the coming years. There were lots and lots of people. But, I could tell some of the angels were not going around some as much as others. I saw their faces and they were many. I heard the word that I heard when I was speaking on the phone with a prophetic friend a few nights ago Strange Fire.

The Spirit of God began to say many of my messengers have only began to listen in to hear the sweetness of my truth, which is only half truth. My total truth has bitterness in lives and national news. They have offered up strange fire which is ministering the wrong offering of the truth.

Strange fire the spirit said again.

Prophesied at 12:51 Am November 2


The Season of 2010

Written by Chris Johnson

The Spirit of The Lord began to reveal to me that in 2010 we will see many things that will transpire. Many good and many negative as well. There will be an increase in the occurrences of seeing healing and miracles in the body of Christ. I began to see angels again ministering with those and igniting healing and miracles on increased levels.

Healings will increase I even hear now says the Lord. I even see around March or April something unusual will happen regarding the economy. Something negative, and even possibly a historical time of unemployment will hit says the Lord. The thing I am continuing to see is there will be a differing with those who have been faithful in stewardship in taking care of the Lords house.

Some will suffer loss. Even in the kingdom financially but who have withheld their seeds. As 2011 approaches there will be an acceleration financially in the mist of chaos across the Land to those who were faithful to the work of the kingdom. Something of a negative national event will hit as we approach the dawning of 2011 says the Lord. There is coming in Particularly late January early February more exposures of national figures in both arenas.

Exposures will occur on increased levels. Just as we saw American icons covers pulled, we have not seen the height of the demise. We will see many more and even some major deaths of athletes in basketball, and I hear tennis. This is a sign of the removal of kings in certain arenas that now is the time the Lord is positioning the unknowns he has been preparing in secret for the time I hear of 2012. 2012 will be the time of unusual acceleration for the unknowns in the shadows.

Many Leaders in the body of Christ will be exposed as well in the next two years. The boton in the spirit is being positioned to pass. I just heard chaotic streets. Not quite sure what that means but by the spirit that is what is being revealed.


Unusual Events To Keep Watch For

Written by Chris Johnson (Forerunner)

I believe we are on the dawn of a monumental event that even history will remember for generations. I am seeing that now more than ever the nation needs to begin to cover in prayer President Obama. Decisions have been made that have set in motion a collision of events that will lead to betrayal.

A few months ago I revealed that an exposure will be talked about in the future regarding betrayal within the higher up government circles. I see once again betrayers pens signing contracts. Close within the immediate workings of day to day operations. CNN and other news giants will report about this finding in the future. I am being careful by the spirit of The Lord how I reveal this because of safety and precautions.

But the secrets of men are being revealed and I hear betrayer at the tables. Plans are being made, and even contacts with foreign nations.

Even the dollar we use in America is on the way of change. It’s value is going to change quickly within the coming 3-6 years. Now is the time for wise investments. Gold is the investment of now and the future.

Maryland will see something unusual happen to its financial structure. Don’t even be surprised if they entertain of filing bankruptcy for the state. Internet business will skyrocket in these next two years. Many will begin to entertain and act upon new internet business ventures. Many will start internet businesses. I see the Covers of Many continually to be pulled and exposed. As this is just the start. From entertainment, to sports, to the church, to the political arena. Many Will say what is happening, where are the morals of today. This is Lord’s doing. The shift is happening. The unknowns are being summoned, suddenly they will come on the scene in the church, entertainment, and politics.


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